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Notarized translation

Notarized translation - is a form of legalization of official documents for the subsequent provision to the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan or other countries. Notarization is required in case of translation of official documents issued in foreign countries to be submitted to various authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and vice versa, in case of translation of documents issued in the Republic of Kazakhstan to be submitted to various authorities abroad, for example , translation of employment record or translation of the diploma. During notarized translation, a notary authorizes authenticity of the signature of the translator. Notarized translation of a document can only be performed if the document contains all the attributes of an official document ( signature and seal , and for documents issued in a number of foreign countries - even consular legalization or apostille).

For a notarized translation a client must provide the notary with the original document or a notarized copy. Notarized translation of laminated documents, documents with compromised integrity (completely torn and pasted documents), as well as any documents where there is any doubt in their authenticity (deletions , additions , erasures ) cannot be performed . A client can consult a notary or our translation agency whether he/she can notarize a translation of a particular document.


1) you go to a translation agency , where you can provide both the original document and a copy of f good quality;2) Translation agency performs translation;3) Notary stitches the document ( or a copy ) with the translation and certifies the translator's signature;


If you need a translation of the document for subsequent submission to the jurisdiction of foreign states, you should specify what kind of notarization is required in advance in the authorities or the organization where you want to provide a translation:

  • stamped by translation agency ( such notarization is usually enough for embassies , banks)
  • notary legalization (for the countries between which there is a separate contract providing for the abolition of the need for special certification )
  • Apostille (for countries participating in the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 )
  • or consular legalization


More complicated procedure is used when documents are translated from one language to another for further notarization. Since the official languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan are Kazakh and Russian languages , all translations requiring notarization cannot be made directly from one language to another. The following steps should be performed:1) translation of a document into Russian / Kazakh language;2) notarize translation ;3) translate notarized translation into the language of the translation (including certifying notary record );4) notarize translation.


Translation of a document for the notarization is made in a certain way. Translation agencies specializing in notarized translations are familiar with all the requirements for registration and notarization, so you will not have to contact several times due to the incorrect translation.