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Danex translate agency


We offer simultaneous (conference), consecutive and remote interpreting (via Skype or telephone). Contact us for the best interpreting solution for you!

Consecutive Interpreting: used one on one, small groups, or private meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting: used in large conferences and requires the delivery of speech a few seconds behind the speaker. It requires equipment and two interpreters.

Telephone/Skype Interpreting: used in situations when you cannot meet, but need to talk, interpreting of negotiations via Skype call.

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  • You can negotiate with your partners in a convenient place ( in the office, at home , etc.);
  • You do not spend time and money on a trip to address those issues that can be resolved by remote negotiations;
  • You can negotiate at a convenient time for you and to get information to make critical decisions without delay;
  • You do not spend time and money on translation services, inviting translator to the office;
  • «The effect of full presence" i.e. you yourself directly hear your partner and translator, their intonation , and therefore can fully control the process of negotiations;
  • You can order translation of negotiations at any time.
  • You adjust the duration of the negotiations yourself, paying for them in advance (if necessary, you can extend the duration of the negotiations)

*This service is also available for translation of phone talks (mobile or landline).